We wrote to you in December 2017 to let you know that we’d be sending a mailing to your clients regarding the update to their terms and conditions. This page contains all the information we sent to them.

Each client received:

  • A letter - tailored to the product(s) they hold
  • A summary booklet called 'Explaining how our service to you is changing'
  • Two inserts:
    1. A terminology guide called 'How we communicate with you'
    2. An update on the Aegon and Cofunds partnership.

A copy of the full terms and conditions and product supplements, which aren’t included in the investor mailing pack, can be found on this page.

Cofunds terms and conditions letter (PDF)

At the end of the letter you’ll see further information, broken down by product, that details which of the changes set out in the summary booklet below do not apply or apply differently to that specific product.

Please note this is a sample letter - if your client has more than one product they’ll only receive ONE letter that includes the product continuation page relating to the products that they hold.

Explaining how our service to you is changing (PDF)

This summary booklet outlines the key changes to the terms and conditions.

How we communicate with you (PDF)

Your client received a terminology guide called How we communicate with you.

Aegon and Cofunds (PDF)

Your client received an update on the Aegon and Cofunds partnership called Aegon and Cofunds.

Full terms and conditions (PDF)

These are the new terms and conditions, in full, that aren’t included in the investor mailing pack. 

Advisers, please note that if you introduce any new customers to the platform before May 2018, it is your responsibility to ensure they are aware of the upgrade.

Effective from 30 April 2018.

Product supplements