Managing your clients (PDF)

Our training guide takes you through the Aegon Platform's intuitive layout and navigation, making it easy to manage your clients and quickly access and review their investments.

Managing your clients summary (PDF)

Our summary provides hints, tips and guidance to help you manage your clients on the Aegon Platform.

Transaction history (PDF)

Our training guide shows you how to access and filter the Aegon Platform and Cofunds historic transactions that have taken place on your client’s account.

Transaction history – How do I? (PDF)

Take a look at our fly-through document with handy hints, questions and answers and a a step-by-step guide showing you how to view and download a client's transaction history.

Watch our video for a guide to managing your clients on the Aegon Platform. This includes searching for clients, viewing the client summary, product history and previous transactions.

Watch our video for a guide to fund switches on the Aegon Platform.

Find out how to top up your clients' existing Aegon Platform products.