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The new tax year brings opportunities to generate business with your clients.

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How to maximise your ISA season in five steps

Follow the steps below to run your ISA campaign and help your clients make the most of their tax-efficient ISA allowance.

Step one - Set your ISA campaign goals

You’ll need to decide the targets for your ISA campaign. Do you have the time and resource to target your whole client base, or would it make more sense to focus on certain clients who are more likely to take action?

Identify what you hope to achieve in terms of client response, net asset inflows and client retention.

A useful starting place is evaluating your campaign results from last year. Look at how the response and asset inflow targets compare against the targets, and analyse which client segments (by ISA activity, age group, life stage etc) were the most responsive.

Step two - Identify opportunities and segment your clients

Tailoring your message to clients based on their current/past ISA activity can lead to a better response. So if you have Aegon Platform clients with an existing ISA find out if they have any unused ISA allowance using Report Zone. Our How do I guide will help you if you haven’t done it before.

ISA client segment Message
Top up: your client has invested in an ISA in this tax year, but still has some unused allowance. You still have some of your ISA allowance to use in this tax year.
Prospect: your client has invested in investment funds before but not an ISA. Did you know that you have an annual ISA allowance to increase your investments’ tax efficiency?
Dormant: your client has invested in an ISA in the past, but not in this tax year. Remember there’s still time to invest into an ISA before 5 April.

Step three - Plan your delivery method and schedule

Decide the best way to deliver your ISA campaign – some clients may reply to an email, some may prefer a letter. Work out a clear delivery schedule to make sure you submit the business in time.

Step four - Get in touch with your clients

During the tax year represents a good opportunity to remind clients of the opportunities available. Later in the year we’ll provide sample text for tax year end campaigns designed around remaining ISA allowances.  

If you have your client contact in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, it’s easy to personalise letters or emails to clients – if you’ve not done it before, this mail merge guide could help.

A lot of processes on the Aegon Platform are now available online, so for some clients you may not have to send out and submit forms. Have a look at our Processes on the Aegon Platform guide to see what you can do online and what processes are still paper-based only. If you need to send forms to your clients, you can download them from our new and improved document library.

Step five - Submit your business

Once you’ve heard back from your clients and discussed what they want to do next, sign in to the Aegon Platform to process their instruction.

To see how easy it is to submit business on the platform, read our guides or watch our videos on our adviser training page or read our guide to Making contributions on the Aegon Platform.