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Use this dedicated hub to make the most of the tax-efficient opportunities available on the Aegon Platform. 

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Guides and support for submitting business

Read through our range of guides to help your submit business on the Aegon Platform. For all the forms and guides you need, go to our Document library.

Submitting ISA and GIA business
Find out how to use your dashboard to invest in an ISA or GIA, and how to check the progress of transfers.

GIA to ISA switch?
Watch our video to see how to complete a GIA to ISA switch online.

Guide to making contributions to products
Details of how to make contributions to Aegon Platform products by bank transfer, cheque, and debit card.

Digital journeys
Find out what you can do online and when you need to send us paper forms.

Use our guides and training material to get the most out of the platform
Our guides and training material can help you navigate the platform and transact online.

Consolidation toolkit
Our consolidation toolkit provides resources and information about consolidation, spotting opportunities and sample text to help you get in touch with your clients.

Processes on the Aegon Platform
A summary of the processes you can carry out online and the paper based processes when transacting on the platform.

CGT tool
We've enhanced our CGT tool with a scenario planner, making it even easier to manage your clients' capital gains tax liabilities. You can view our short overview guide or take a look at our CGT guide to find out more and watch our short video to see how the tool works.

IHT calculator
Use our IHT calculator to see if your client has a potential IHT liability.

The flexible ISA subscription rules introduced on 6 April 2016 don't apply to the Aegon ISA. Re-registering an ISA can take around 6-8 weeks. This is a guide only, in exceptional circumstances it could take longer.

The value of an investment can fall as well as rise and isn't guaranteed. Your client could get back less than they invest.

Run your own ISA campaign

Step 1 - identify opportunities and contact your clients

Identify which clients you want to target - do you want to target your whole client base or focus on certain clients who are more likely to take action? Tailoring your message to clients based on their current or past ISA activity can lead to a better response.

If you have Aegon Platform clients with an existing ISA, find out if they have any unused ISA allowance using Report Zone.

Our How do I guide will help you if you haven’t done it before.

Step 2 - Get in touch with your clients

Once you've identified which clients you want to contact, get in touch using our sample templates. Use our sample templates to create tailored ISA communications to your key client segments. If you have your client contact details in a spreadsheet, it's easy to personalise emails and letters - if you haven't done it before this mail merge guide can help.

ISA client segment Message Sample templates
Top up: your client has invested in an ISA in this tax year, but still has some unused allowance. You still have some of your ISA allowance to use in this tax year. Unused allowance to top up - client ISA letter template
Prospect: your client has invested before but not in an ISA. Did you know that you have an annual ISA allowance to increase your investments’ tax efficiency? Prospect - Client ISA letter template
Dormant: your client has invested in an ISA in the past, but not in this tax year. Don't forget that you can invest up to £20,000 in your tax efficient ISA in the current tax year. Dormant - client ISA letter template
JISA opportunity: your client has used their ISA allowance, have they considered JISA? You've used your ISA allowance this year, have you considered a Junior ISA for a loved one? ISA allowance used - JISA client letter template

Step 3 - submit your business

Once you’ve heard back from your clients and discussed what they want to do next, sign in to the Aegon Platform to process their instruction.

Help and support

If you have any questions or need help, speak to your usual Aegon contact or you can visit our Support and contact page for assistance.

More resources to support you

We believe getting more people to access financial advice will improve their financial wellbeing. Here you'll find our latest research, guidance and support to help you to encourage your clients to plan for their futures and identify new advice opportunities.

When choosing an ISA, this guide can help your clients understand the pros and cons between investing in a stocks and shares ISA and putting their savings in a cash ISA.

Available to ISA investors, the Risk-Managed Portfolios offer a complete multi-asset solution for a fixed 0.25% ongoing charges figure. The 5 Diamond rated1 range comes with expert asset allocation, risk management and robust governance built in. Capital at risk.

1The Risk-Managed Portfolios have a 5 Diamond Rating (Risk Targeted Fund Family) from Defaqto.

To help you navigate the latest industry changes, developments and issues, view our Advice Makes Sense hub. You’ll find our latest articles and research, as well as links to our other technical hubs to further develop your knowledge and support your conversations with clients.

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