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Processes on the Aegon Platform

We've summarised the processes you can carry out online and the offline processes when transacting with the Aegon Platform - view the table below or download our handy Processes on the Aegon Platform guide

Online processes

Access and security
Trouble signing in (including password resets)
Change security details
Manage user access, roles and permissions
Managing your clients
View and manage client profiles
Client search
View client summary
View product summary, value and transactions
View client and product documents
Transacting on behalf of your clients
New applications for general investment account (GIA) and ISA - single contributions, regular contributions, regular withdrawals, re-registrations and ISA transfer
Top up an existing GIA and ISA – single contributions, re-registrations and ISA transfer
Transfer in an existing GIA or ISA
Switch funds for an existing GIA or ISA and Aegon Self-invested Personal Pension (SIPP)
Set up an ad hoc (one-off) withdrawal for an existing GIA and ISA
GIA to ISA switch (individual clients only)
Set up and manage regular contributions for existing GIA and ISA products
Managing your fees and charges
Manage charges - ongoing adviser charge, ad hoc adviser charge and service charge
Manage charges by direct debit or nominated fund
Managing your investment proposition
Fund research
Model portfolio management (including ad hoc individual and bulk rebalancing)
Fund panel management
Portfolio scan
Capital gains tax tool
Reports and management information

Paper based processes

New product applications for Aegon SIPP Please use the relevant form from the website
New business (accumulation) Aegon SIPP application form
Top up and transfer in Aegon Aegon Self-invested Personal Pension single contribution top-up form
Immediate drawdown Aegon SIPP full immediate drawdown form
Drawdown to drawdown transfer Aegon SIPP drawdown to drawdown transfer form
Benefit crystallisation Aegon SIPP benefit crystallisation event application form
Managing existing products
Set up and manage regular contributions for Aegon SIPP Complete the Aegon SIPP application form including the ‘regular monthly contributions’ section
GIA to ISA switch (Joint clients) Complete the Withdrawal from an Aegon General Investment Account (GIA) into an existing Aegon ISA form, for either intermediaries or customers
Set up and manage regular withdrawals and distribution options for existing GIA and ISA products Complete the Change to product details form, including all sections that apply