Our six Risk-Managed Portfolios each offer a complete investment solution in a single fund.

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The Risk-Managed Portfolios are designed to make investing easier for clients. They are value-focussed, risk-targeted funds that are closely aligned to client needs. Because they are OEICs, you can use them for pension, ISA and GIA clients.


Risk-Managed Portfolios: a simpler way to invest

Richard Whitehall, Head of Portfolio Management at Aegon, talks about the design and philosophy behind the new risk-managed range.

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The Risk-Managed Portfolios have been given the top rating of 5 diamonds by Defaqto.

The 5 Diamond Rating signifies that the Risk-Managed Portfolios provide an excellent all round offering relative to the peer group, including features such as charges, portfolio management team and investment process.

As at February 2021

Key features

Client aligned

There are six Risk-Managed Portfolios designed to grow long-term savings while keeping risk within a defined range. The broad range of options helps you closely align portfolios to individual needs. And to help further, the fund range is mapped to risk ratings from Defaqto, Dynamic Planner, FinaMetrica and Synaptic.

Optimal asset allocation

Our Portfolio Management team works closely with Morningstar*, award-winning investment specialists with extensive research capabilities, to create the optimal strategic asset mix for each fund in the range. Our long-term convictions mean changes are typically only made when there are fundamental shifts in the markets, or when rebalancing is required. The aim is to take advantage of market gains while keeping costs low. 

Robust risk management

Our focus is on client outcomes, so risk-management is embedded at every stage of the process. This means the Portfolio Management team, working with Morningstar, assesses how market factors might impact the portfolios' behaviour. And where necessary, the asset mix will be adjusted to ensure the funds remain aligned to risk profiles and can meet their objectives. 

Cost effective

We keep costs at a competitive 0.25% ongoing charges figures (OCF) by using passive components and choosing not to invest in more expensive alternative investments. Eliminating unnecessary transaction charges also helps reduce costs.

Independent input and choice

The Risk-Managed Portfolios have a great deal of flexibility built in to their mandate. This means the Portfolio Management team is not tied to any one asset allocation expert or fund manager. Aegon has the freedom to use any funds and advisers that we feel will help fulfil the fund objectives.

The portfolios also benefit from our fund governance process, which is independent of our fund management function. 

*"Morningstar" refers to the Morningstar Investment Management Group, which includes Morningstar Investment Management Europe Limited, an FCA regulated firm, which is the entity providing the advice.

Risk ratings

Find out where the Risk-Managed funds sit on Defaqto, Dynamic Planner, FinaMetrica and Synaptic risk scales.


In line with our Funds Promise, we check the Risk-Managed Portfolios regularly with the aim of making sure they're meeting their objectives. 

Fund factsheets and literature

Access the latest fund factsheets, KIIDs and useful guides.

There’s no guarantee the funds will meet their objectives. The value of investments can fall as well as rise and investors may get back less than they invest. Link Fund Solutions Limited (LF) is the authorised corporate director of the LF Aegon Risk-Managed Funds. This means they're responsible for the operation of the funds in accordance with the regulations.

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Investment fundamentals

We build our investment proposition around a set of four fundmental beliefs:

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  • We believe choice is important
  • Multi-asset solutions are key
  • We invest for the long term
  • We're responsible investors