Flexibility is at the heart of our investment offering. With around 5,000* investment options available, we cater for clients with different investment needs – whether they’re building savings, approaching retirement or taking an income.  *As at May 2018

We offer a range of collectives which can be used across product wrappers. You can set up online model portfolios, build bespoke investment strategies, or access discretionary fund managers (DFMs).

The aim is to help you create comprehensive investment solutions for your clients, quickly and efficiently – whether you’re catering for complex needs or more mainstream investment requirements.


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Building portfolios

We make it easy for you to build client portfolios, helping you research, monitor and compare investments, so you can make the most of the wide choice available.

We also let you build fund shortlists, create model portfolios, set up automatic rebalancing, and analyse a client’s overall asset mix.

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Access to DFMs

You can access a number of DFMs through Aegon, a service which lets you outsource investment management to dedicated specialists. This means you can focus on matching your clients’ needs to the right savings plan.

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