Aegon is one of the world's leading providers of life insurance, pensions and asset management. We started life as Scottish Equitable in 1831 and, over the years, we’ve evolved our brand. We’ve combined our strong UK heritage with Aegon’s global strength, while staying committed to our original purpose; to help people take responsibility for their future and achieve a lifetime of financial security.

Better together

On 1 January 2017, Cofunds, a UK based investment administration service, became part of Aegon. By combining the scale and experience of Cofunds, with the innovation, financial strength and product knowhow of Aegon, we aim to provide even better support for customers, advisers and employers.

Our mission

Our mission is to help people achieve a lifetime of financial security, and we’re investing in innovation that can make people’s finances work harder. From online technology that gives one-stop access to a universe of investment opportunity – to retirement products that make wealth planning simple, easy and fulfilling – we’re dedicated to getting people closer to their financial goals every day.

Aegon facts and figures

  • Global savings and investment provider serving around 30 million customers in over 20 countries (As at Dec 2019).
  • Founded in 1831 as Scottish Equitable and became part of Aegon in 1998 (As at Dec 2019).
  • Manages over EUR 898 billion in assets on behalf of savers and investors worldwide (As at Dec 2019).
  • In the UK, Aegon offers retirement, workplace savings and protection solutions to around three million customers. Aegon employs around 2,000 people in the UK and together with a further 800 people employed by ATOS, we serve the needs of our customers (As at Dec 2019).