Protecting your privacy and security

When you use our products and services you’re trusting us to keep your information safe.

Fraudsters may try and imitate our emails so we want to let you know that we’ll never send you an email asking for your login details or password.

If you’ve any concerns about the validity of any email, please call us.

People are now living longer than ever before, and while living longer and healthier lives is great news, it makes planning for your financial goals ever more important.

We know the importance of making sure your money works as hard as it can for you now and in the future. Preparing for the future can be easy, and we’re here to help.

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Brexit - what could it mean for you?

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What you can expect from us

  • Wide investment choice - we offer over 4,000 investment options (as at January 2019)
  • Tax-efficient options, including bonds, pensions, ISAs and trusts
  • Secure, online access to your investments

What's the next step for you?

If you have an intermediary

If you have an intermediary, discuss your finances as you would normally, and decide which products and investments are right for you. Then, when you’ve agreed what you’re going to do, your intermediary will put them in place for you.

If you and your intermediary decide it's right for you, we can also offer online access to your account. With our new online services, you can view and manage your investments wherever and whenever you want using your customer dashboard.

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Your relationship with your intermediary will stay exactly the same. It’s just that, with Aegon, keeping track and managing your investments becomes easier and more straightforward.

If you don’t have an intermediary

If you don’t have an intermediary and are comfortable with making your own financial decisions, you can sign in to your customer dashboard and manage your own investments.

You can find out more about some of the services intermediaries can offer, but it’s important to remember that there are different types of intermediaries, including financial advisers and execution-only brokers.

While a financial adviser may be able to help you invest your savings in the right way and at the right level of risk for you, some services available only offer guidance, and not advice. You can find an adviser at

Accessing your customer dashboard

We can offer online access to your account but, if you have an intermediary, you'll need to speak to them first. 

If you don’t have an intermediary and are comfortable managing your own investments, you can sign in to manage your account.